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Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

Cars 2 Character Picture and Wallpaper

Disney Cartoon Movie
Cars 2 Character :

- Mater and Lightning McQueen
- Acer and Grem
- Chauncy Fares, Sgt.Highgear and Sarge
- Crabby and Rod Torque Redline
- Darrell Cartrip and Ramone
- David Hobbscap and Raoul CaRoule
- Fillmore and Mama Topolino
- Finn Mcmissile and Professor Z
- Francesco Bernoulli
- Flo and Holley Shiftwell
- Jeff Gorvette and Miles Axelrod
- John Lassetire and Nigel Gearsley
- Lewis Hamilton and Uncle Topolino
- Shu Todoroki, Pinion Tanaka and Okuni
- Luigi, Lizzie and Guido
- Mark, Stephenson and Siddeley
- Sheriff, Tomber and Zen Master

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